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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  November 4, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. a defiant mohamed mors morsi lat as his supporters take to the streets. allegation he of spying by the nsa. ouousted egyptian president
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mohamed morsi refusing to wear his uniform and saying he is still the legitimate president of egypt. dominic kane has more. >> supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi outside the facility where he is up for trial. and inned the charges against him be dropped. morsi is charged with inciting others to commit measured. outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead. that public opinion about it is polarized. >> translator: god will be on our side, the court will issue a verdict that will be for the sake of egypt and the egyptians to move forward. morsi was not fair at all. >> this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair.
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the man was the president. he had the full right to do whatever he wanted and to contact whoever he wanted. >> hundreds of people died in the 2011 revolution to force morsi's predecessor hosnne mubarak from power. his failure to full if i recall promises many egyptians took to the streets again. a growing wave protest ended up with the military's decision to remove morsi from office in an act morsi himself says is against the law. the difference between the trial of dr. morsi and the trial of mubarak, is that mubarak had abundant authority. morsi is the president of the republic. this is the legal and
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constitutional situation right now. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit revolt he could be sentenced to prison right now. both countries promising they will continue to work together. >> our relationship are is strategic. it is enduring. and it covers a wide range of bilateral and regional issues. >> two different kinds of differences. differences in objective and differences in tactic. some of these differences are in onive, very few.
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>> -- objectives, but most are in tactics. >> he said washington wasp sensitive to pakistani concerns. meanwhile pakistan says it plans to review every aspect of its relationship with the u.s. the move coming after the u.s. drone strike on friday. pakistan said the view. >> pakistani president musharraf, faces charges in the detention of judges, also charmed with the death of former pakistani president benazir buttho. >> this is what happened at pakistan's red mosque six years ago. then pervez musharraf who was
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president at the time ordered the storming of the house of worship and nearly 100 people were killed in the raid that followed. among them was malna abdul many, some of the people involved in the violence was his students. overthrow of musharraf's government and wanted slawb islk rule in pakistan,. >> translator: musharraf said my father and those with him at the red mosque were terrorists. these people never hurt anyone. that's why i filed this case against him because musharraf is a terrorist and he ordered the
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raids. >> many believe he will leave the country and will never stand trial. >> after four years in compile, returned to pakistan earlier this year, about a month later he was placed under house arrest and disqualified from ever holding office again. pakistan's powerful army chiefs are never arrested even after they leave office. but neither the government nor the military appear to want to see musharraf tried, fearing the effects t drawn out court conveys would have on t gornment and i economy. ma to allow him to leave being pakistan before a trial is set in any of the criminal case he he's named in. al jazeera, islamabad. there is a new independent
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report that says doctors and nurses taking part in the abuse of terrorism suspects. reports say the medical professionals helped with the cruel torture and of that being a quote. that report was based on a two year study of prisoners in afghanistan and guantanamo bay. the cia and the pentagon denying those claims. biggest antiu.s. rally in years. they were there marking the 34th anniversary of the siege of the u.s. embassy. this year's demonstrations coming despite efforts of the u.s. and iran to continue negotiations.
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soraya lennie reports. very, very large compound. the crowds stretch all the way past the embassy and down the street, probably thousands, a little less than in previous years. the sentiment is regardless of what's going on on the international political stage, the people here still see the united states as the great satan and don't support the normalization of relations with america. now it comes positive diplomatic that president barack obama and president housani, people here are absolutely 100% opposed to relations with united states.
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currently on lock down, this after university officials warned students to stay inside. a message on the website urging those on campus to stay inside buildings and away from windows. the mayor of new britain has said there were no reports of injuries, police have not released any further information at this time. and google's executive chairman is lambing the national security agency. he says they allegedly spied on his company's data centers. telling the adjourn the allegations are outrageous, google has registered complaints with nsa, as well as president obama and members of congress. edward snowden said the agency broke into google and yahoo's information centers. memberships of the gop are taking sides. as patty culhane shows us, an
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election in alabama defines the sides. >> omar gets to work, trying to define the soul of the renal party. he calls himself a true believer, his cause, teapt, the most conservative faction of the republican party. >> it will be a godly country, a country that god can look down on and say, i'm proud of this country but right now i don't think he's doing that. i don't think he's proud of the way we conducted business. >> he's campaigning outside the debate for this man candidate dean young, promising to change washington confrontation. >> i can tell you now that barack obama does not want me to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common so there won't be a lot of bipartisanship unless these guys start to come over to our way of
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thinking. >> bradley byrne is funded by corporation. his statements are far from liberal. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do not honor our principles. in fact we are sending billions of dollars to countries like egypt and pakistan who are using that money to attack christians. >> but for the tea party he isn't conservative enough. and in this world bastion of the old south, the republican nominee almost always goes on to win the election. washington has its eyes on the streets of mobile, because what happens here could determine whether or not the federal governmental actually functions for next year. professional sam fisher says if the tea party wins, other republicans will find out it is not safe to listen to the party leadership. >> threatening and saying if you
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don't toe the line and you're city member in the house we're going to be finding someone to run against you. >> the establishment candidate has the money. the tea party has grass roots support from the likes of oglesby who promises this is not the first fight, not the last. >> we'll keep on keeping on. >> the entire country will hear and feel the impact. patty culhane, al jazeera, mobile, alabama. >> the remnants of a storm hitting mexico, and dave warren that means rain. >> the temperatures get colder and that's when you have snow developing. this is the moisture from what was tropical storm sonia. there is a lot of moisture with this and it will continue to push off to the northeast and then combine with some gulf moisture. then you have a storm developing
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over the eastern side of the rockies right over colorado, warm air from the north, cold air from the south, as that storm develops and see it take shape with the computer forecast. here is heavy snow where it's cold enough from central nebraska and rain through kansas. rule awl this snow right along this area, iowa, northeast iowa, minnesota, michigan, great superior, great lakes seeing the storm tai place. this will be overnight tonight through tomorrow, inches of snow, to the south it's warmer, that warm air is heading east, in front of the storm. >> thank you, the film premier of the influential leader debuting in south africa.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines. the chairman of goomg saying gog it's outrageous if it's true. secretary of state john kerry visiting saudi arabia. the saudis taking issue with america and its refusal to intercede in syria's war. mohamed morsi insisting he is still egypt's legitimate leader. what does a small southern california town have to do with areas of costa rica and greece?
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what makes these places so special? the only blue zone in the u.s., to find out. >> 60 miles east of downtown los angeles, you'll find the small city of loma indians live. loma. where people live measurably longer lives. >> i'm now 99 years old. >> the day we met ellsworth warren we found him tending his garden. what's more remarkable, just four years ago he retired from a long successful life as a heart surgeon. >> i could do heart surgery right now. >> then we found 84-year-old jim
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warren exercising in the pool. >> 77-year-old began taking exercise. >> there are times you can't move another foot. and then you stop and say oh yes ircan and i keep moving. >> ellsworth, jim and ida aren't just extremely active seniors, they're seventh day adventists, that celebrate the seventh day saturday as a day of rest. practice rigorous exercise at any age. they also encourage eating a plant based diet with plenty of nuts, seeds, grains and beans. and then there's the focus on a day of rest. each week, church members observe the sa sabbath from sunn
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on friday to sunrise on sunday. >> it gives me a time when i can think on spiritual things. now if there is such a thing as eternal life, that is worth thinking about. >> from the beginning, ready sell adventistists apart from others. >> is lawrence beeson mass been studying the correlation since 1978. >> we have several people, marge was 105, 106, when she passed away. she was the individual that was focused on older people can ride bicycles, drive cars. the ability of squaring off the moralityity curve, as you're age you're not in a nursing home, you're climbing mountains or walking around the streets. >> or swimming or spinning or mowing, or marketing.
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the largest market sells only vegetarian or vegan foods. >> we find that vegans have less obesity and stroke, in many every population we look at they have less. >> more, more days, months, years. >> i've seen people around here in their 100s and so i guess i could live to be 100 too. >> for generations, people have often prayed to find the elusive fountain of youth but for the seventh day adventists, in loma linda, their prayers have already been answered. al jazeera, loma linda, california. >> kind of a quiet start to the week on wall street. the stocks barely moving. the dow pretty much flat. most of the morning says, down or up rather, vacillating
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between up and down. later in the week, the october jobs report, delayed, in the read on u.s. economic growth. a federal reserve bank official, richard fisher of the dallas fed said an irresponsible government is hurting the recovery. he adds, the government's inability to get its act together is hampering the stimulus program. a big role in building 777x jet, advance talks to build wings for the plane and have it built in seattle. the location of the jet has been open for grabs, boeing moves some of its work to south carolina. they build the sphaif 787 dream.
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the film about nelson mandela and the family' family's reaction. >> long walk to freedom. nelson's struggle for racial equality, spares no details about his 27 years behind bars, only made the man and his cause stronger. >> your struggle, your commitment and your discipline has released me to stand before you today. >> we should remember where we come from and that this freedom was hard-earned, and it was won at a very, very heavy price.
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>> the $35 million film also bears the inner workings of the mandela family and attempts to show some of their private struggles. >> when i watched the movie it was a very emotional time for me. >> the film marks the day in april 1994 south eafns went to the polls and mandela became the president of the country that forced him to spend so many years behind bars. >> this story is much bigger than me or any of us. >> mandela hasn't seen the entire film yet. the 95-year-old spent three months in hospital earlier this year but his granddaughter thinks the movie would get his seal of approval. >> it is a very humble, i know he would really, really revere the movie. >> are the film makers hope he will get to see the movie
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eventually. >> still ahead, a treasuretrophy of stolen art. what the future holds for hundreds of paintings, stolen by the nazis and discovered inside a german apartment.
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>> experts are sorting through relics of world war ii in berlin, germany. hundreds of paintings stolen by the nazis could be worth more than $1 billion. sonia gallego has the story. >> broken by a german magazine two years after its discovery, found among cans of food and rubbish, works by picasso, chagal,.
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>> about 1500 masterpieces were found in a munich apartment, believed to be held in this safe outside munich. refusing to confirm any of the details. according to reports, he was questioned by police because of tax evasion, forced to sell artwork at greatly reduced prices. the most expensive artwork sold at auction. the issue of restitution has been, sold for millions at auctions have been at the heart of disputes between current owners and those who claim were the original owners but forced to give up their property to the nazis. this was the case on the 2010 knowledge artwork the an,
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masterpiece that have not been seen in public for decades. sonia gallego, al jazeera. >> i'm dave warren. we are battling it out between the warm and cold air in the midwest, will really start to take place between tonight and tomorrow. snow coming down that's the forecast, we have winter weather advisories for nebraska and colorado, heavy snows expected around minneapolis, overnight tonight, by tomorrow that snow will be coming down. doesn't look like much on the radar now, the storm not even developed yet. there's a lot of moisture from the south, there rop cal storm from gulf of mexico, and cold air from the north. timing, overnight tonight seeing this snow and rain develop but it will really get heavy, dark blue color, indicating the
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heaviest part of the snow, rain snow line right over northwestern iowa. that will really start to accumulate, but wednesday morning it will be clearing out. not a long duration storm, just quickly overnight tonight and tomorrow but we could still see about four to six inches of rain come down. maybe a lingering shower on thursday, temperatures right about 40°. it will clear out after thursday, dry air comes back and the temperatures will try climb a bit. this area getting four to six inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. in the capital it is clear and cold, temperatures will be a little warmer before this rain gets here at the end of the week. >> thank you very much. we are following breaking news reports in norway, three people dead, the bus driver among them. the suspect being under arrest.
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